So how does this work, anyway?

Click on APPLY ONLINE and fill out the form. If you're a good fit for the service and our current roster, we'll be in touch. Easy as peach pie!

I don't live in Toronto (GTA), Hamilton, Burlington or Ottawa. Can I still sign up?

I'm afraid not. Unless you're in these cities on a weekly basis for school, work or family obligations, we are unable to take you on as a client at this time.

Okay, let’s be real: how much is this going to run me?

A detailed explanation of our fees can be found on our Fees page.

Why do you think you're better than online dating?

1) Online dating can be super frustrating and time consuming.

2) We do most of the work for you. We are here! Here we are! Holding your hand! Everything's going to be fine. 

3) If anonymity is important to you, rest easy knowing that your face isn't going to be plastered on a dating site somewhere, vulnerable to jerks adding curly moustaches to it using MS Paint! For kicks!

4) We will aim to connect you with between one and five date matches over the course of twelve months (the average is two). If we fall short of this standard, we will extend your membership for free until a suitable match is found.

5) You know when you sign up for a thing and then your term comes to an end and they automatically charge you for another six months of that thing without your permission? Yeah. We will never, ever do that.

6) We don't want you to click and click and click into the void forever. We genuinely care about our clients. We want you to be happy and find somebody nice to bring home for Thanksgiving, okay?

Do you have a referral discount or something?

We do indeed! If you successfully refer three heterosexual men to the service, consider your full registration fee refunded (and your open palm high fived)! 

Err...what's a yenta?

Yenta was the name of the matchmaker in "Fiddler on the Roof." The term is synonymous with matchmaking (and historically, with meddling...but matchmaking is the absolute loveliest form of meddling). In conclusion,

What's the difference between internal matching and external matching?

It has nothing to do with looks vs. personality! Internal matching is when we set you up with other clients in the Friend of a Friend Matchmaking roster. External matching is when we go out to events, bars, restaurants, hunt online, search social media, network and otherwise do everything in our power to meet your match out in the world. External matching takes a lot of time, effort and expertise on our part and that is reflected in the price point (external matching is only included in Premium and Platinum plans).

Hey, you set me up with somebody I didn’t like! What’s up with that?

Oof! Sorry about that. Obviously we don’t know you or your tastes as well as you do. Some of this is going to be trial and error -- especially early on. That’s why it’s important for us to gather your feedback after your dates, so we can make a note of it and ensure that the next person we set you up with will be a stronger match.

Can you guarantee me love?

No. We cannot guarantee you love. No one can. But we can guarantee that we will try our very best to set you up with people who jibe with your needs, wants, interests and personality.

What's the difference between a match and a date?

A match is when we introduce you to a potential date over email. A date is when you meet one another in person. We can only guarantee matches. The going-on-a-date stuff is entirely up to you. (You're both smart people! You'll figure it out!)

What if I don't want to meet someone you match me up with?

You are under no obligation to meet anyone. Meeting new people is obviously what everyone is here to do, but if you don't want to meet someone we've connected you with, you absolutely do not have to meet them. That said, we encourage people to be open-minded when approaching matches and we’re happy to field clarifying questions within a reasonable limit.

What if someone treats me disrespectfully?

If someone stands you up or treats you with any disrespect, please let us know immediately. We only want to work with respectful clients who take the matchmaking process seriously. After your date/s, we hope you’ll take the time to tell us what you liked and didn’t like about your match so we can better refine your wants and needs on your profile and ensure that our client base remains top-notch.

Do you ever reject potential applicants?

We do. Please understand that it's nothing personal. We are a small business and know our client base very well, so if we don't think we will have any matches for you, we simply don't want to waste your time. If you'd like, we can recommend other local matchmaking services who might have the person you're searching for.

Uh, do you ever revoke memberships?

Please note that memberships can be revoked at any time without compensation or explanation if we learn that you didn’t treat a fellow client with due respect and humanity during your date. (We don’t expect we’ll ever have to do this, though. Mutual respect is pretty basic kindergarten stuff, pals!)

Where do you find your clients?

All over the place! Generally, our clients find us through Google. Around 75% of our clients come to us after researching matchmaking options and reading our amazing success stories. Others hear about us through friends, friends of friends (see what we did there?) or through our media appearances. While most of our clients have sought us out, we do reach out to prospective singles through our own extensive friendship networks, through social media and we’ve recently begun recruiting new members on dating sites such as (we always let our clients know beforehand if a prospective match is a recruit from a dating site). Our database includes active paying members, former members who are still open to meeting someone special and men and women who have been headhunted.

I met someone amazing during my year-long membership and now I want to cancel because I don't need your service anymore. Can I get a full or partial refund?

We'll happily remove your profile from our system, but registration fees are non-refundable, unless you send three new heterosexual male clients our way successfully. Sorry about that! But congratulations on having a new special person in your life! That's great! You deserve it!

I signed up for Friend of a Friend but now I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds after seven days of registration. If you haven't yet met with your yenta, you can transfer your membership to a friend of the same gender.

I haven't had a match yet and I've been waiting for a while. I don't want to wait for one single second longer! Can I have a refund?

No refunds. No exceptions. This process takes time and we'd prefer to set you up with strong mutual matches instead of just throwing random dates your way to fulfill a quota. Please be patient with us. If you don't have a match at the end of your year, we are happy to extend your membership until we find you a suitable match.

If I email you to ask if you’ve found a new match for me, will you find a new match faster?

Honestly, no. Matchmaking isn't fast food drive-up window. It's a process that requires patience. If you’ve lived 40 years on this planet and haven’t yet found Your Person, please let us have (at least) four or five months to work on it. Deal? Deal.

When will I hear from you?

We will reach out to you as soon as we find a strong mutual match. We don't forget about our clients but we also don't like to fill inboxes unnecessarily. We highly encourage you to update us on changes in your life or your dating needs but repeated check-ins on the status of your matches (especially when we repeatedly explain the variability of time before a first match in our meetings, on the website, and in this FAQ) only leads to mutual frustration. Go out there. Live your life. Be free. We’re on it.

I haven't had a match yet and I've been waiting for a while. I don't want to wait for one single second longer! Am I undateable?

No. If you are a decent, respectful and caring person, you are certainly not undateable. Our service focuses on strong mutual matching; we need to see solid relationship potential before we introduce you to someone. Some people have a match after a week or two. Others have to wait significantly longer. It has very little do with datability and everything to do with who is in our database and what you're both looking for. If you are any dating concerns (such as dating after divorce), reach out to us and we can set you up with one of our wise and compassionate dating coaches. 

I'm gay/bi/open/poly/trans/genderqueer/elderly. Can I participate?

Absolutely! Friend of a Friend prides itself on being open and inclusive of all genders, ages and sexualities. Unlike many matchmaking companies, we even have a dedicated LGBTQ+ yenta (based in Toronto and Hamilton)!

Do you have a Facebook page?

Do we ever!

What about an Instagram?

Oh heck yes!

Wait a sec…if you’re such solid matchmakers, how do you intend to stay afloat? By the very nature of your business, you’re kind of working against the repeat business model.

Our success does indeed rely upon losing customers to happy relationships! That’s why we hope our clients who find love and fulfillment to send at least two of their single friends or family members (that's four people per successful couple) to us. That way, we can keep growing...through friends of friends.

Okay, this actually sounds like a pretty awesome idea. How can I help?

Next to signing up (hello, please sign up!), the best thing you can do to help us is to spread the word! Post this site on your Facebook (and join our Facebook page), share it through Twitter or Google+ (LOL Google+!), talk about it at cocktail parties and email the link to your awesome single friends. We're relying on word of mouth from wonderful people like you to help Friend of a Friend Matchmaking live long and prosper.