What to keep in mind when you go on a date:

1) Always meet in a public place. Cafes, bars, art galleries, sporting events, bowling alleys, museums and restaurants = good. Someone's house, condo or suspiciously plateless vehicle = bad.

2) Ensure that someone close to you (a friend, family member, roommate) knows exactly where you're going and who you're going out with. Give them the name and photo of the person you're meeting.

3) Make sure your phone is fully charged before you go out.

4) First dates can be nerve-wracking, so drinking and dating tend to go hand-in-hand. If you choose to drink, keep your alcohol consumption light when meeting someone for the first time so your decision-making abilities are not impaired.

5) Order your own drinks and never leave them unsupervised.

6) Be guarded about personal information (your address, phone number, work location) early on.

7) Never send money to anyone you meet on our site, or any other dating site.

8) Never prioritize politeness over safety. If you ever feel uncomfortable or have a bad gut feeling -- leave.