Need an extra $200? Who doesn’t?!


Friend of a Friend Matchmaking wants to put a little spring in your step. We’re offering generous referral fees this spring that you can put towards a new pair of shoes, dinner at a nice restaurant, books, records, gadgets, groceries, your heating bill from this wretched winter — whatever you want!

All you need to do is spread the word about Friend of a Friend. Simple, right?

 1) Tell your single friends in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa about Friend of a Friend Matchmaking. Have them apply here.

2) If your friend is accepted into the service and registers successfully, we’ll e-transfer $200 — your referral fee — after we interview them*. (Your friend will have to provide us with your name and contact information.)

3) Unfortunately, we aren’t able accept everyone who applies to the service, but the odds are ever in your favour if you send men or openminded queer folx (of all ages and genders) our way. We are especially seeking heterosexual men aged 35 - 70.

4) There is no limit to our referral fees. Send us 20 new clients, make $4000! Reach out to friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues — single people you know and trust. You’ll be helping them, helping us and helping yourself, too. Win/win/win!

4a) No, you cannot refer yourself. (Smartiepants.)

5) Offer ends May 31st, so get referring!

Thanks for spreading the word,

Sofi Papamarko, Founder of Friend of a Friend Matchmaking
Claire AH, General Hamilton Matchmaker and LGBTQ+ Toronto Matchmaker
Lee-Anne Galloway, Straight Toronto Matchmaker
Ceilidhe Wynn, General Ottawa Matchmaker

*Only valid on full-price Popular Plan, Premium Plan or Platinum Plan