How are you spending your Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is weird.

Sometimes it’s fun, but it can also be (choose one): silly, depressing, expensive, artificial, painful, capitalistic.

Friend of a Friend Matchmaking asked clients, past clients and our friends how they’ll be spending February 14th this year. This is what they had to say for themselves:

”Oh, Thursday is Valentine's Day. It hadn't crossed my mind until Sofi reminded me. I'll be swimming laps enjoying the soothing, relaxing warm water during this cold, snowy day. At the same time, I'm staying fit and strong so that once the weather turns, I can enjoy my enduring love — cycling.“ —B.

“I plan to bother my fella all day by texting punny cards, because puns are the best part of Valentine's Day. I'll probably send some to other friends and acquaintances too, because there's so much hatred for V-Day around that everyone could use the giggle.” —V.

”I’ll be playing Dungeons and Dragons. February 14th is also Hazel McCallion Day, so I’ve created a new character loosely based on her.” —L.

”As soon as I get home from work I'm changing into my favourite PJ pants (they have doughnuts on them) and eating a reuben sandwich on my couch while watching cooking shows and wondering why my boyfriend Roger Federer once again forgot to send me flowers. “ —A.

“Theraaaaapyyyyyyyyyy!” —R.

“On Valentine's Day I will be sharing homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies with all my lovely lady colleagues (I have been told they are the best chocolate chip cookies ever), doing some yoga and then heading to the Doll Factory by Damzels annual 50 percent off sale to hopefully find a cute, vintage inspired dress just for me! “ —J.

“My single friends and I have a tradition of celebrating our anti-Valentine's Day by eating chicken wings at Hooters and going to the strip club to remind us that there are people sadder than we are. :)” —S.

”While I can confirm that even though I’m single, my Valentine’s Day will be full of love. My baby niece was born six weeks ago and my brother deployed fairly quickly after so I’m going to help my sister-in-law with my niece and nephews and get some major baby snuggles in! I also plan on hitting the gym and doing some light meditation because there ain’t no love like self-love! ” —G.

”My husband and I are going out with six other couples and a few more single friends to a great Indian restaurant and then dancing. Not very romantic maybe, but a lot of fun. Not bad for Bangladesh, where we have been living for close to three years now!” —R.

”This year's, Valentine's day is a little different for me; while I am in a relationship, my boyfriend this year is working out of the country for a few months so instead of a romantic night out with him, I'm sticking close to home and having family dinner with my parents. Right now it's a toss up between tacos and fondue!” —M.

”Get up, go to work, come home, get takeout and continue my Star Trek - Deep Space Nine binge marathon.  Of course, I may be still digging out from the snow that just hit Ottawa.  Just another day.” —J.

”As is typical of most calendar holidays, I'm busy this Valentine's Day rehearsing for a show opening this week. My partner lives three cities away, and is coming to spend his reading week with me - but not until next week. Valentine's Day will mean pretty much nothing different - although I might treat myself to a little extra chocolate :).” —K.

”My plans for v-day is pizza and Netflix with the company of my 5 pound chihuahua Koko and bed at 9 p.m. because let’s face it, sleep is the best thing ever!” —A.

”One of my favourite Valentine’s Days involved drawing pictures for people, whatever they requested, on Facebook. I was super touched by the requests from parents to draw pictures for their kids and why they are awesome. “ —C.

”I have never celebrated Valentines day even when in relationships. My theory is I have 364 other days to show I care. Card companies won't dictate when and how I show my affection. This year, I am in a new relationship but still keeping my anti-Valentine’s tradition alive. She is going to visit family in Montreal and I have plans as the third wheel with a couple I am friends with (who feel the same about this Hallmark holiday) to see a community theatre production of Mary Poppins. (Romantic, I know.)” —B.

“Thai takeout and Russian Doll on Netflix with m’boo.” —S.

”This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to do something different. Instead of obsessing over my most recent, I’m going to send my friends poems about how important their friendship is to me. I’ve been single for basically my entire life, and it’s my friends who have truly been there for me - not my random crushes. So they’re the ones who are going to get all of my attention and love this year. ️" —J.

”I’ll be on a post-work flight to New York! I have theatre tickets (Harry Potter & The Cursed Child) on the weekend and it was cheaper to fly on Thursday. (And as a result, this is the most excited I’ve been for Valentine’s Day in years.)” —R.

“My plans are to enjoy the heck out of the chocolate milk fountain at work, write some Valentines cards for patients at St Jude's Children's Hospital, then climb the anxiety wall to get to the gym before hosting some friends for food and an awful movie, and finally supporting a good friend who is gonna be spooky dancing to raise money for To Write Love on Her Arms' "Valentines Day Doesn't Have to Suck" event, where proceeds will directly go towards providing mental health resources for hundreds of people. I'll be finishing my day with some self-care affirmations but just in case you read this at the end of your night - it doesn't matter whether you end up staying home or celebrating Galentines Day with your friends, please remember that you are no less worthy of being loved.” —G.

”Daycare pickup and straight home for picnic + movie night with my wee bug! First, there will be pizza making. Heart-shaped, of course. And bonus for me, my boy likes olives! Then, the movie. Ferdinand perhaps. No, the Lorax I think. We’ll clink to love with our respective glasses of Malbec and apple juice. And top it off with cuddles and books. Truthfully, most nights are some version of this. And I love them all.” —A.

”Having been single for a few years now (more than I care to remember), for me, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of all the reasons why it’s important to share your life with other people. It doesn’t have to be your soulmate, your partner, or that special one, but all those that you love. Family, friends, workmates ...all those who enrich your life. So this Valentine’s Day I plan to just spend time with my friends and family.  To eat some chili, play a board game and talk about shared interests, funny stories, and laugh. Of course, because it’s Canada and we are enveloped with winter and never-ending snow, we will curl up in front of the fire and thumb our noses at both Lady Love and Mother Nature.” —C.

Whatever you choose to do today, we hope you are surrounded by people you love (and heck yes, that includes yourself)!