Here's To New Beginnings

It's been a seriously good summer.  

I traveled to Europe -- specifically London, Paris, the south of France, Amsterdam and Iceland -- and spent the rest of the summer swimming, writing, reading, drinking wine in parks, eating delicious frozen treats and doing friendship.

Professionally, Friend of a Friend Matchmaking had its best summer yet. We celebrated two of our couples' beautiful weddings in July and two more couples got engaged in August.

And now, it's sunset on Labour Day weekend. (Here is a photo snapped by craft artist extraordinaire Kalpna Patel on magical Toronto Island earlier this evening to illustrate this undeniable fact. More blog below the beauty! But take it in!)

Labour Day weekend always feels like the bittersweet end of something, but the day after feels like a new beginning. It's probably because the first day of school in September always felt like the true start of the new year -- so much more than any old January first. I still feel like the beginning of September is the beginning of all of the things.

Since I've been out of school (way longer than I care to admit), I've felt a little left out of the whole bakery fresh back-to-school newness that September brings.

Not this year.

In 2016 (that's this year, pals! That's right now!), Friend of a Friend Matchmaking will be celebrating an exciting new beginning in September. There will be an official announcement this week. Stay tuned to this space.

In the meantime, here is a really big clue (can you figure it out?):

More soon, I promise!

Happy September, gurls and boys!


Yenta Sofi