Toronto Star Tuesdays: Couples Should Invest in Talking About Money Matters

I ask matchmaking clients personal questions. Sometimes, they’re uncomfortably personal. But there’s one personal question I’ll never ask because it’s none of my business: what’s in their bank account.

This rule has gotten me off the hook more than a few times. Like when a female matchmaking client requests to be matched with a man who pulls in no less than a six-figure salary. Or when a male matchmaking client expresses his discomfort at the mere thought of dating somebody who makes more money than him.

In such cases, I heave a mighty inward sigh and say: “Sorry, I don’t ask clients about their income.”

Money does matter, but personal finances should not be a factor in the search for lifelong companionship. Jobs come and go, careers are often in transition, smart (and/or terrible) financial decisions can sometimes be made. What’s important is how you and your partner handle your finances as a team through life’s inevitable ebbs and flows.

When Amanda Scriver first made the leap from 9-to-5er to freelance writer, her partner Simon Gilbert supported her emotionally and financially (Gilbert has steady work as a café manager).

A somewhat awkward period of adjustment followed.

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