Introducing Joanne Davis: Our Hamilton-Burlington Yenta

Photo credit: Jennifer Rowsom

Hello! I'm Joanne and I'm thrilled to join Friend of a Friend Matchmaking as the new yenta for the Hamilton region. I have a background in journalism and love to sit down and talk to people, listen to their stories, and really understand what makes them stand apart from the crowd. It's those details, those nuances that will help me make good matches. I know that it's fun to scroll through pictures and imagine that the hottest babe will also share your hopes, dreams, and love of travel, cooking, and vintage motorcycles. But sometimes it can be disheartening to discover your would-be dreamboat loves ribs and Family Guy...but you're a Criterion-collecting vegan. That's where I come in! 

Every person who signs up to Friend of a Friend in the Hamilton/Burlington region will meet with me. We'll talk and it will be fun (I swear!), then I'll try my absolute hardest to find you a good match. It might be one date, but maybe you'll make a connection with someone so incredibly wonderful that one date turns into two, then... well, let's take this one step at a time. 

I don't think being in a relationship is the key to happiness, but if you'd like to see what Friend of a Friend can do for you, I'd be honoured to help you meet some new people.