Toronto Star Tuesdays: Creative dates can be an exciting change of pace

Coffee is for closers. Coffee is for job interviews. Coffee is not for dates. (At least, not interesting dates.)

It’s time to strike “Let’s meet for a coffee” from the collective dating vernacular. There’s so much to do in this city. That means there’s zero excuse for a lack of imagination when it comes to dates.

Whether it’s your first date, second date, third date or 30th anniversary, doing something more creative than the typical dinner-and-a-movie is always a welcome change of pace. And if it’s still early in your relationship, offering up a creative date idea or two might just help you cement the next outing.

Turn up the heat

If you’re pretty sweet on someone, consider taking a baking class together. It offers a chance to be cheeky and competitive, and you’ll have a sugary work of art to take home and share at the end of the date.

“We get a lot of couples on first dates, anniversary dates and we’ve had a few creative marriage proposals here,” says Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of Le Dolci bakery. Their most popular classes include doughnut making, macaron making, cake decorating and pie baking. “In these classes, guests get to use lots of delicious items like colourful sprinkles, chocolate dips, glazes and fillings that smell wonderful and ignite the senses.”

They also offer something called a “naked cake decorating class,” which is somewhat misleading — only the cake is naked. Everyone doing the baking is fully clothed. Probably for the best.

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